At Casa de Ribeira you are invited to take a moment to breath, regenerate, find calm and begin again.

Restorative Yoga

Lisanne is our yoga teacher who transforms the garden of Casa de Ribeira into a yoga studio during sunsets. She guides you into a slow, gentle and mellow restorative yoga class, that ends with breathing exercises and a meditation.

“Become closer to a peaceful, calm and happy state of being. A space that you created for yourself, where you can experience the most purest part of you. A state that is not explained in words, just to be felt.”

Expect deep, simple poses, where you can comfortably relax into the postures, creating space to calm the mind, open the body and let the energy flow. It’s all about the feeling of inner stillness and peace – being outside, becoming one with natures rhytms, the sunset and breathing in the healing ocean air.

A calm and peaceful state of mind becomes an effortless outcome from the work that you do in the class. You are invited to experience this at Casa de Ribeira.

The class is 90 min, the prices are:

  • € 10,- per person for group class (3+ people)
  • € 15,- per person for 2 people
  • € 30,- for private class


The healing power of touch and attention. Allowing the energy to sooth your whole being. Releasing stress, emotions, anything that is stuck within, while unraveling knots and stimulating flow. Long, relaxing strokes are combined with deep pressure on areas that need more attention.

Your face is the map of your soul. By activating secret energetic marma points, your body starts to heal from the inside out, nourishing organs and releasing stress and emotions. Surrender effortless into a deep sleep.

  • Full body massage (60 min)  |  € 40,-
  • Full body massage plus (90 min)  |  € 60,-
  • Massage + marma therapy (90 min)  |  € 60,-
  • Marma therapy (60 min)   |  € 40,-

Read more about Lisanne and her way of being in her yoga classes and massages.


Yoga, meditation and massage can also be booked when you are here. It all can also be booked by non guests.