We work together with carefully selected local surf instructors. They are true passionate surfers, specialised in private classes and small groups. This means that they can adapt the type of session to each clients skills, therefore you will definitely benefit from this close and personalised attention. They will make you feel very comfortable and safe. Feel free to ask us anything about our suggestions. We’ll be Happy to assist you!

Group class

For group classes we work together with Gonçalo from Ericeira Local Surf school. The can teach level 1, level 2 and advanced level.

  • € 30,- per class
  • € 55,- for two classes
  • € 100,- for four classes

A class is 2 hours and includes a wetsuit, surfboard and pick up at Casa de Ribeira.


Private guiding

For private classes we advice to surf with Vasco from Extra Extra Surf school. He is a senior teacher, who is very experienced and knows the coastline as no other.

  • € 90,- for 1/2 day (4hour)
  • € 180,- for 1 day (8hour)

The price includes gear and surfboard.


To rent surfboards, wetsuits, and go out on your own, the closest place to rent your gear is at Praia Ribeira d’ilhas, at Pocean.

  • € 25,- board rental for 1 day
  • € 20,- board rental for 1/2 day
  • € 15,- wetsuit rental for 1 day
  • € 10,- wetsuit rental for 1/2 day

It’s on walking distance of Casa de Ribeira.

Stand Up Paddleboarding + Yoga

Stand up on a board while paddling in a bay or in a river. It’s peaceful, fun and a good work out to keep your balance on the board. You can experience the ocean from a different perspective, in a very gentle way. Besides the paddle boarding, you can also follow a yoga class on the paddle board. Deep yoga poses while feeling the water move slowly under your board, it’s a special expierence.

More information about the Stand Up Paddling, visit Ericeira SUP. You can book your SUP experience with us.