More activities

You can enhance your stay at Casa de Ribeira with a selection of other activities. Feel free to ask us anything about our suggestions. We’ll be Happy to assist you!


Ericeira Bike organises several guided toures in our area. With the Ericeira Surf Reserve to the north, the Sintra Natural Park to the south and the Lizandro Valley to the east, we can offer a good diversity of rides and interesting scenery. From dirt-roads to technical singletracks, from coastal cliff tops to old rural villages, there’s a bit for everyone and every skill level.

  • Prices start at € 30,- for a 2 hour guided tour including bike.

For more information you can check the website of Ericeira Bike.



There are beautiful horse riding adventures that you can do here, with Antonio from Picadeiro Arena Lusitana Mafrequestrus.

  • Prices start at € 30,- for a 2 hour guided horse riding-tour.

Please contact us for more information.

Hiking and Wine tasting

Portugal is known for it’s finest wine, the west region has a exquisite quality of grapes. You can make a hike though the valley around For do Lizandro and end your day with a wine tasting at Manz Wine. Do you like to go for a wine tasting? Ask us for more information.